Canada Journal Entry: #3

So, I may have stopped journalling…

I know that it’s been three weeks since my return to the states, and I have been gone since the second day of my trip to Canada, but I am back! Finally, I have gathered up the courage to write this blog post. I know that writing a couple of words on a website is not particularly a hard task, but writing this feels like its really the end of the trip. It feels so final putting my experiences down in writing because I honestly do not want it to end. I fell head over heels for Vancouver, and honestly feel like I have to go back as soon as possible. I did not think that I would love Canada nearly as much as I do. I can truthfully say that the two weeks that I was there hold so many amazing memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

OK, lets dive into this! We left off on our exploration in the rain.After this, our adventures took off because we finally had a car to move around in. We visited the most beautiful places and had some fantastic food along the way. One of the first places we visited was horseshoe bay. Honestly, this place was breathtaking I have never seen a bay as beautiful as this. I can not describe its beauty, so I will just insert a picture for you all to see.

We had so much fun just wandering around and driving through the streets because it’s so beautiful. At one point we actually stopped the car in the middle of the road just to capture the beauty in front of us. The person that was waiting at the bus stop probably tougher we were ridiculous tourists and its right,  we were always pulling over throughout the entire trip just to take photos.

Another place that stood out was Squamish Sea to sky gondolas I had a bit of a freakout but the view was worth the ride. There is also a hike up, but I don’t think we would have made it up before dark or just in general…I don’t know if I would choose to ride the gondola again because I have a terrible fear of heights, but I am glad that I did. Once at the top there is a sky deck that overlooks the mountains and water below. At the bottom, there is a short, And I will repeat it for further emphasis, SHORT walk to Shannon falls which is the only waterfall I have seen up close and frankly a stunning waterfall in general. It was not too crowded and made for some beautiful images.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the walk through the Capilano suspension bridge park. And for any of you who are college students, they give a student discount whoop whoop !!! And if you look at the receipt, there are more coupons for other places like Grouse Mountain in the bottom. Hello, savings! I didn’t even mind crossing the bridges or doing the cliff walk because it was something I wanted to do and visually it was incredible. I remember walking across the part of the cliff walk that is entirely suspended in the air and asking my sister to take pictures as we walked. A man who was on his own asked for a picture and took 10-15 minutes just to take one picture holding up the entire line behind me.Surprisingly it wasn’t nearly as frightening as I had initially thought it would be. One thing I would recommend if any of you are interested in visiting the bridge park it to go as soon as the park opens on a weekday because it gets super crowded. I don’t know about you guys, but I know that I didn’t feel safe crossing the largest bridge with a hundred other people I’d much rather pass with 20 people or less…just in case.

We actually did end up visiting whistler but got there too late to do anything. One thing I would recommend if you are visiting in the summer and want to visit Whistler is to make sure that your vacation travel dates do not line up with the Pemberton music festival because traffic is an absolute nightmare. The drive from out Airbnb in Vancouver to Whistler was supposed to be approximately an hour, and instead, it took us four hours!!! Let me just say I was not a happy camper.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about the only hike we ended up doing on our entire trip other than the little walk up to Shannon falls which were Underwood park in North Vancouver. We did the “easy” and part of the intermediate trail which in the end totaled up to eleven miles!! We didn’t plan well for this and had to hurry to make it back by sunset, but it was overall a fun experience and a great hike with beautiful scenery and some neat little finds along the way.

OK, I think that I will leave it there for the Vancouver journal. We did so much more than this, but these are a couple of the highlights of the trip that is definitely worth checking out.

Until next time



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