Canada: Journal Entry #2

Oh how sexy this city is!

Getting up at three in the morning, not so great, however arriving in this beautiful place makes up for everything. My first day in Vancouver was a bit of a fail, but not a complete waste of a day. I spent most of the day sleeping but let’s not talk about that. Let’s chat about what we did that was interesting!

We are staying in a very hipster part of town, most of the shops and restaurants around are small businesses which I think is amazing. After we arrived, we were so hangry because the only thing I had eaten was a couple of Oreos and an orange juice. We immediately went on the hunt for a good meal, and we found it. Overwhelmed by all of the different choices we took quite a while to decide where to eat. Let me tell you all this one thing just to clue you in on who we are as a group; we are the most indecisive people EVER!!! So naturally, no one wanted to choose a place to eat. I was not going to have any of that, so I decided where we would go, Splitz Burgers.

File Jul 07, 10 57 33 PMI don’t know if we loved it because we were starving, but it is hands down one of the best burgers I have ever had.  I know what your all thinking “Jasmin you did not go all the way to Canada for a BURGER!!!”, But it is worth it. Even after walking around the neighborhood for a while I couldn’t stop being amazed by all of the greenery. In comparison to California, this is a vast difference and extremely beautiful.

File Jul 07, 10 26 18 PMJust walking to our home felt like a hike through the woods. I honestly have never visited a place as beautiful as Canada.And the public transportation is top notch. The buses run every 8-12 minutes unlike in the U.S. where the buses run once every hour. Unlike day number one which was a  bit of a lazy day, our second day was a more successful exploration day. On the second day, it rained the entire day, but I was semi-prepared with a windbreaker and umbrella. I say Semi-prepared because after walking around all day in the rain I was a Popsicle. Ir was freezing so I wish I would have worn something a bit warmer but I liked my outfit for the day.

I am so glad to have worn a windbreaker and not a coat, because I blended in with the locals rather than a tourist, although I am pretty sure that I looked like one with all of the random pictures I was taking!File Jul 07, 10 36 01 PMAlthough it was raining the entire day that did not put a damper on our activities. Exploring the city was ridiculously fun because of how visually appealing the city is. We have yet to explore farther out, but when we get a car we will explore some more!

Until next time,


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