Canada: Journal Entry #1

One Week Prior

Just seven more days until I am boarding a plane headed towards The Great White North: Canada. Seven short days that seem like forever. I have been packed for about… oh I don’t know… THE LAST TWO MONTHS!!! I’ve been waiting here like “jeez it’s about time I’ve only waited three centuries.” But the time is finally here for me to be checking off the last minute items. Now it is acceptable for me to talk about it every minute of the day, not like I haven’t been already. Everyone I know is probably secretly happy because in one week they get a break from my incessant Canada talk. Jokes on them, because I will be talking about this forever!

Okay, now that I’ve got that out there, let’s talk about the actual trip. I will be traveling up to British Columbia, more specifically Vancouver. Woohoo!!! Sorry I had to. It’s just that I am writing this with a grin from ear to ear, because of the excitement of finally traveling. I have not flown much in the past, but hopefully, this trip embarks us on a long list of adventures to come. By us, I mean myself my lovely sister (I only say this because you all do not know her yet), and two of my close cousins. This will be my first trip without “adult supervision.” Now, this does not mean that I’ll be going crazy, but it is exciting to travel without parents and genuinely have self-discovery as an individual.

We will be staying mostly in the Vancouver area but exploring the beauties that the Canadian wilderness has to offer. Now let’s clear something up. There is one thing I am dying to do, but I am terrified of heights, so all I can think about is: do I want to die to do this thing? That thing is seeing the beautiful suspension bridges, and I think that I will suck it up and do it. Maybe. These bridges are always so beautiful in photographs, and I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime because of a phobia.

On this trip, I also hope to find amazing little spots to eat or do some fun activity and hopefully share with you all. Now, I know that because I am a tourist that something that I find to be novelty and amazing might not be. I might be raving about this excellent little pizza joint in the middle of town when in reality it’s the Canadian Domino’s! Uhh duh, it’s good get with the program Jamin! Hopefully, you all excuse those little hiccups I’m sure that they are bound to happen, and I assure you there will be plenty of them.

These are my thoughts pre-Canada next time I update you will probably be the day before and the day of.

Until next time,


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